Moehlenkamp Music

Providing Professional Elegance
          Columbus, Ohio

Let us Provide Music for your Elegant Event
Anniversaries             Indoor and Outdoor Events
Parties                              (weather permitting)                                   
Special Occasions                        
Funeral Services

Our highly experienced professionals help you plan the music ahead of time; they will then set up, perform beautifully and be out of your way on the day of the event so that you are free to simply enjoy.  Whether you prefer classical, popular, celtic, or Broadway - upbeat or meditative - our large repertoire and several ensemble types will allow you to choose just the right musical effect. 

String Quartet: 2 violins, viola, and cello
For a full rich sound well suited to churches, larger halls outdoor venues and larger gatherings (100 people or more) This group has the largest range ofrepertoire available and provides a very traditional elegance 

String Trio or Flute Trio: 2 violins and cello, violin, viola and cello or flute, violin and cello
A lovely sound for a smaller gathering (50 to 100 people)
Very nice for celtic and classical styles. 

Violin/Cello Duo: a small, less expensive option for more intimate settings - small weddings, dinner parties